Tomáš Akvinský
Studia Neoaristotelica


Stanislav Sousedík

Cur veterum de relationibus doctrina metaphysica
hodiernis viris doctis difficultatem pariat

Fons difficultatis sententia a G. Fregio propagata et hodie fere communis evasa esse videtur, secudum quam preadicatum relationis notionem exprimens duobus (imo pluribus) subiectis, ut enuntiatio oriatur, complenda sit. Auctor in commentatione hanc sententiam perperam contra naturalem linguae intellectum statutam esse arbitratur et - in extensione praedicatorum "relationalium" determinanda - sibi quodammodo contradicere ostendit.

On the Ontology of Relations

The doctrine put forth by G. Frege and now almost universally accepted, according to which a predicate expressing a relative notion has to be supplemented by two (or more) subjects, in order for a statement to arise, appears to be a source of certain difficulties. In the paper, the author defends the view that this doctrine goes against our natural understanding of language, and shows that as soon as an attempt to determine the extension of such "relative" predicates is made, a contradiction in the doctrine is laid bare.

Jan Duns Scotus